• Why you need to learn to clear your energy every day.

    Taking time each day to consciously clear and reset our energy has to become as regular of a habit as showering or doing the dishes. It's an essential practice for highly sensitive and empathic people. 
  • How surya devi came to be: the full story

    Surya Devi means the Goddess of the Sun. It’s a heavy name and had I known what I know now about many things, I don’t know if I would have chosen it. Yet I feel like somehow, it chose me. Now, having had this separation of letting it go and bringing it back again a few things are clear: Surya Devi is my musical name. It is not a spiritual name bestowed to me by a Guru. It is an artist name that I use to
    create music and I pray that the presence of this name brings blessings to the songs and prayers that I feel so blessed to learn and sing.