• Love Always Wins

    The LAW: LOVE ALWAYS WINS ✨ This is the truth. Forever and always.  Love is not attached to a single cause, belief or way of being.  This is one of...
  • Awaken to your knowing

    this is a friendly reminder to stay awake at this time. to listen to the voice of your sacred intuition. to be discerning, curious and detached.   ...
  • The One and the Many Album

    This project is a true labour of Divine Love and was conceived over 11 years ago, perhaps even longer. Around 2006, I went to the Bahamas with my f...
  • How to bring Light to the World

    If you examine each area of your life you will find there are many places to infuse with more love and higher consciousness. If each one of us who has the privilege and awareness would do so, we would see incredible shifts in humanity. If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the category to do this. There are many people in this world who do not have the opportunity to do this work as they are literally in a fight for their lives each day.
  • Why you need to learn to clear your energy every day.

    Taking time each day to consciously clear and reset our energy has to become as regular of a habit as showering or doing the dishes. It's an essential practice for highly sensitive and empathic people. 
  • How surya devi came to be: the full story

    Surya Devi means the Goddess of the Sun. It’s a heavy name and had I known what I know now about many things, I don’t know if I would have chosen it. Yet I feel like somehow, it chose me. Now, having had this separation of letting it go and bringing it back again a few things are clear: Surya Devi is my musical name. It is not a spiritual name bestowed to me by a Guru. It is an artist name that I use to
    create music and I pray that the presence of this name brings blessings to the songs and prayers that I feel so blessed to learn and sing.