How to bring Light to the World

This world is one of great extremes which we see being played out daily. We have immense power as human beings. My beloved teacher Amma says that as long as there is more good than evil in the world we will survive. Let's all do our part to choose love, peace and harmony over hatred, division and fear. We were given life by something greater than us, which I believe is ultimately in control of all things - yet we can exercise our own greatness by how we choose to operate each day in our thoughts, words & actions.


If you examine each area of your life you will find there are many places to infuse with more love and higher consciousness. If each one of us who has the privilege and awareness would do so, we would see incredible shifts in humanity. If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the category to do this. There are many people in this world who do not have the opportunity to do this work as they are literally in a fight for their lives each day.


I have been shown over and over that many of the dark and negative things that seem to happen far away from us can be healed and shifted by enough of us transcending the lower aspects of the mind and shadow self. If you have the good fortune to be be living in a place that is generally safe & free and survival is not your sole mode of operation each day, please do your human brothers and sisters a favour by beginning to examine your own mind, beliefs and actions to see where the darkness is hidden within you. I do this daily and am always surprised to find what is lurking deep within my own consciousness that has been hidden. Each pattern or thought that is revealed is a victory. Eckharte Tolle says that every time we become aware of a negative tendency within us it does not mean we have lost, it means we have won.


An example of this is to make an effort to think kindly towards that co-worker or relative we secretly can't stand, or practicing more patience with our neighbour that annoys the crap out of us and making a resolution to see the good in them. (While setting healthy boundaries of course) Most of our collective unconscious is just that: unconscious. As we begin to bring our own darkness to the light, we transform the world around us. This practice can be done anywhere, anytime and will become somewhat automatic the more you do it. Just begin by being the observer of your own mind and emotions.


The unseen world has more impact than many of us could even imagine. This is known to those who currently wield a lot of power in the world and this is how a small group of individuals have continued to manipulate humanity for thousands of years and continue to keep many in the dark about their own power and abilities as a human. Rise up and claim your own greatness and be willing to transcend your own lower tendencies. This is one way we can all bring more light to the world.