Love Always Wins


This is the truth. Forever and always. 

Love is not attached to a single cause, belief or way of being. 

This is one of our big missions here on the Earth. To learn to stand strong in our own beliefs and ways and allow others to do the same.

Actually, it is LOVE that will allow us to accept and understand one another regardless If we see eye to eye. 

We can always practice kindness, compassion, tolerance and understanding for our fellow humans. Even and especially when we don’t agree. 

To everyone holding a space of Love during these times, thank you.

They want us to take sides, divide us and pit us against one another. If we succumb to this, we fall right into the plan of darkness. 

God created this world with incredible variety. Humans, nature, animals, landscapes- all so unique.

Yet, the downfall of humans throughout history is when groups and individuals war with one another over our differences. 

We are supposed to think, believe and act differently. An evolved human who carries the Divine in their heart will understand and respect this. If we are small minded and fearful we will see what is different as a threat and/or condemn it is wrong.

Love always wins because when you approach all things with an attitude of Love we can heal, shift and change anything. We can accept and make peace with things, or at least start the process of doing so.

Like the song says: what the world needs now is love sweet love... 

How are you committed to standing in Love at this time? Are you able to hold a space of Love for those making different choices from you? Or at least try to? 

Also, this doesn’t mean we allow people to use or abuse us. We can and must learn to set boundaries with those who are toxic and disrespectful. Yet, we can still say “you are human, I don’t agree with you but I will not judge, condemn or attack you.” 

I actually find I can love people better when I put them in the right place- and for some individuals this means far, far away from me. 

I pray you remember and feel the great Love that lives within you, today and every day.

Remember... Love Always Wins.