The One and the Many Album

This project is a true labour of Divine Love and was conceived over 11 years ago, perhaps even longer. Around 2006, I went to the Bahamas with my friend Angelena to a yoga retreat featuring Krishna Das. We chanted for days on end and I came home exhilarated, on a high from such a heart opening and energizing experience.


My first EP that I called “Morning Mantras” was quickly birthed after that trip, I came home and recorded and produced an entire 6 song project in a week! People loved that EP and since that time, I wanted to create another, more epic sounding version of some of the songs on that project and put it on an album.


I took 4 trips to India in between 2007 - 2010 and they had a profound effect on me. I remember coming home after the first trip, feeling homesick for Mother India and feeling like part of me belonged there and had always existed there. I had been learning mantras and classical Indian music back in Vancouver, and did more learning on my travels. This album is a collection of those songs that represent part of the journey of that time period, almost like a musical time stamp.


The project begins with an introduction which is an invocation to Ganesh, who is the remover of obstacles. In the Hindu tradition, many believe it is best to chant to Ganesh first, to clear the pathway for a successful outcome.


The next track is Shiva, who is the destroyer of illusion. His mantra is powerful and helps us to connect with our immortal self. That is the illusion: that we are separate from the Divine and life. The truth is we are eternal, boundless and infinitely interconnected with everyone and everything, most of all our own true nature.


Amma is the 3rd track on the album, and it is a song dedicated to one of my precious teachers and guides, the legendary Mata Amritanandamayi. If you haven’t heard of Amma, she’s a force on this Earth. Her gift of love is that of an embrace and she has hugged over 30 million people in the past 30 years. Her charitable projects are vast and massive and her empire of service have helped millions of people in India and internationally.


The 4th track is called Nako Devraya and it’s a famous song about a 15th century Saint named Kanhopatra. This song is in the Marathi language and was taught to me by my teacher Aparna Gurav when I was in Pune, India studying with her. The track also features one of my other teachers Neeraja Aptikar singing, she is also from Pune and an incredible singer.


Track 5 is the Gayatri mantra which is considered to be one of the most sacred Vedic prayers. The meaning is profound, I have entire books written about the meaning and significance of this one mantra. I have been chanting this particular mantra for decades and it has a very special place in my heart.


Hare Krishna is the next song, and it is known as the “maha” or great mantra. George Harrison swears this mantra stopped a plane from crashing. It somehow magically aligns with almost every song you can think of. People might laugh at the thought of Hare Krishna but I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! This mantra brings a sense of elation, joy and i’ve had many incredible moments chanting this mantra with a group of people, it’s really powerful and uplifting!


The Moola Mantra I first learned a decade ago when I was involved with a spiritual group from South India. The origins of this mantra are unknown, although the words are all in the ancient Sanskrit language it is not known exactly where this particular mantra originated. The meaning is very beautiful and speaks to the infinite nature of creation as being both from a mother + father God.


Ra Ma Da Sa is another mantra with dubious origins that I decided to keep on the project anyways because the musical arrangement is so lovely. It’s in the Gurbani language which is an ancient Sikh mystical language. Although each syllable breaks down to have meaning, it’s not known exactly where the pairing of the syllables into a mantra came from. Many refer to this mantra as the great healing mantra.


The final track is a peace prayer. The mantra “Lokka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu” means “May all the beings in all the worlds be peaceful.” This is a beautiful offering that you may learn and chant daily if it feels right to you. The Sanskrit language is very special, it’s meaning actually is “the language of the Gods.”  Therefor, when you use these words you are tapping into deep, ancient wisdom along with your own intentions while you chant!


This album contains many special healing frequencies that have been infused into the project, both from individual healers and special technology. The album was co-produced by my dear friend and soul brother OneMindUniverse who is a very gifted musician and producer. His mixes on YouTube have over 20 million views and he has a wonderful understanding of both music and frequencies and how to create sounds that will not only make the ears happy, but facilitate healing and blessings for your enlightenment journey.


This is a gift from our hearts to yours, please enjoy these sacred prayers! If you haven’t heard it yet, go here to check it out:


Love and Blessings to All! Thank you for Listening.