Why you need to learn to clear your energy every day.

Taking time each day to consciously clear and reset our energy has to become as regular of a habit as showering or doing the dishes.

Why? Well, we are energetic beings. The physical body seems to be our primary experience here because this is what we have been taught to pay attention to. However, modern science and quantum physics are increasingly pointing towards the non-physical reality that we can’t always see, hear, taste or touch.

Many of us are becoming increasingly sensitive, with heightened intuitive abilities that will sometimes leave us feeling confused, drained and tired when we have absorbed some negative energy. If we don’t know what is going on we might think we are sick, exhausted or struggling with mental health challenges. That is how intense it can get when we become overloaded with the energies of others, or the collective energies of humanity.

I’m sure many of us have had the experience of having an interaction with someone and feeling icky afterwards. Or, wanting to avoid some people altogether because they give us the heebeejeebees. Maybe we have walked into a home or building and had an eerie or unsafe feeling, or felt the incredible jubilation of a screaming crowd cheering at a sports match. These are all examples of feeling energy. We are constantly interacting with the energy of others whether we know it or not!

We are undergoing a massive transformation on the planet which is allowing us to expand all of our capabilities. The introduction of electronic devices such as cel phones, laptops, as well as wifi signals are also affecting our energy as we attune more to computers and less to the Earth. We are being bombarded by information from social media, news, television and radio signals which can also strongly affect how we feel and think about things. When we learn how to clear and shield our energy, we can protect ourselves from energetic interference and having experiences that leave us feeling lethargic and lifeless.

The simplest way to clear your energy is by calling on the energy of Light. Some call this the Light of the Holy Spirit or Christ Light or God Light, among other names. It doesn’t matter what you call it, and in truth is completely beyond any religion or concept. Simply call on the Light and visualize this Light pouring down on your from high above your head. Imagine this Light is cleansing and clearing your energy body, offering you protection and washing away any negativity or toxicity you may have absorbed.

When you shower, you can imagine that the water is infused with this White or Golden Light and that it is pouring down over you, cleansing and regenerating you. The more you do this, the more natural it will feel and you will start to have a knowing that this Light is a beautiful gift that is always available to you.

I will be sharing more tips and tricks about how to keep your energy pure and clear, but the basic foundation of this will always be calling in the Light. You deserve happiness, fulfilment and joy! When you learn and master keeping your energy clear, you will feel more energized, happy, calm and radiate goodness wherever you go.