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Intuitive Guidance + Energy Healing

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This empowering and healing session consists of a 55 minute phone call with Surya that be laser focused on a particular issue or event and/or left open to Spirit's guidance. Healing happens in layers, we often need to pause and allow space for one layer to clear before moving on to the next. Usually we have a story around our situations and it is not often necessary or even useful to keep telling this story.

Spirit will bring through messages and guidance according to each individual. Energy healing and/or simple self bodywork techniques may be included as guided.

Specific results or desired answers cannot be guaranteed, although miracles often do happen when we open to them. It is better to approach this session with an open mind so that you may be receptive to Spirit's guidance. Sometimes we are unhappy because we desire a certain outcome, yet there is an even better possibility we haven't been able to see yet. 

Surrendering and releasing your concerns over to Spirit in this powerful energetic container is the gateway to transformation and healing. 

Package sessions of 3 are available, please inquire for more information.