Surya has been studying, teaching and practicing the healing arts for more than two decades. In this time she has worked with over 20,000 individuals from all walks of life. 

As a music artist, she has released several full albums and numerous singles as well as collaborated with artists of various genres from around the world.  

Her mission is to contribute to the uplifting of the consciousness of humanity by offering musical gifts, personal healing sessions, as well as facilitating groups of people. She has worked in a variety of environments and industries from entertainment to corporate to grassroots. 

She is passionate about challenging integrity within the coaching and healing industry, as well as supporting others in healing their money trauma. With her extensive experience over the years, she can and has assisted people across a wide spectrum from business to personal to health and more. 

If you have been praying for a mentor or someone to support you on your journey and feel drawn here, please send a message below! 

Love & Blessings to All