Work With Me

Beautiful Soul,


Did you find yourself here because your intuitive gifts have been awakening and you want to learn more? Are you already a healer who doesn't feel sure which direction to take or how to express the unique blueprint that is you? Do you feel a creative calling deep in your soul that knows it must be fulfilled? Are you like me and you literally cannot stomach the coaching and healing industry and want to find a new, aligned way to share your gifts? Are you feeling the call to contribute more to your community or speak out about things you feel strongly about but aren't sure how to do so? Are you just overwhelmed with everything going on in the world and need some peace and healing?


I welcome it all. I welcome all of you. 


I am an intuitive healer who works with the frequencies of sound, light, colour and the power of the word. For over 22 years I have been studying and practicing the healing arts. I have had the good fortune to work with a diverse group of people and gathered many unique experiences along my journey that allow me to serve you in a profound way. Most healers have a particular niche, however I am one that has and can work with many different individuals, conditions and situations because of my many years doing this work. 


Although I am by nature a very joyful and energetic person who loves to joke and laugh, I've also been through many traumatic experiences that have given me a deep insight into suffering on many realms - physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. I share this so you know that I understand struggle. I understand the human condition and my decades of training and experience have gifted me with an almost instantaneous intuition that can help you shed light on hidden parts of yourself and bring out new aspects of yourself you may not have met yet.


The mentorship focus will be around creating a very stable and clear foundation from which to do your sacred work. My intention and aim is to empower you with authentic, integral teachings and tools that will allow you to stand out in an industry that is saturated by many who may mean well, but are regurgitating harmful teachings that are continuing the cycle of the patriarchy and capitalism. 


My own journey has been rich with teachers from many traditions. I've had my fair share of both good and bad teachers, and in many ways I leaned the most important lessons from the teachers who abused power or were out of integrity. They taught me what NOT to do and inspired me to make a fierce commitment to myself and to you that I will uphold all I practice and teach with the very highest levels of integrity and teach you to do the same. This is going to look a little bit different for everyone, which is why part of this process must involve personal work together.


I do feel strongly called to share what I learn with those who are ready to expand deep into their greatness. More and more people across the world are waking up each day, realizing their divine nature and understanding that we do have the power to bring great blessings into the world using our thoughts, feelings, actions and words. We must take our manifestation and creation practices to a collective level so we can co-create a new way of living together.


What my time on Earth and doing this work has taught me is that doing healing work and stepping into the role of facilitator, healer, coach or whatever you choose to call yourself - requires the upmost integrity on many levels. If this is not upheld it can have a domino effect of negative repercussions for both you and your clients. We are seeing a lot of this now as the online space explodes with more and more people calling themselves healers yet are not actually properly trained or aware fully of how to do this sacred work properly.


There are many initiations you must pass through if you wish to walk the path of a healer and many of them will not be fun or easy. Contrary to the messages of toxic positivity so many of us are bombarded with (good vibes only! positive vibes! if you are in a high vibe you will never attract anything negative again etc etc) - as I see and have experienced it, the walk of the healer's path can be incredibly challenging and heartbreaking. It is also the most rewarding when we see ourselves and others rise up, blossom and go beyond limiting beliefs, thinking as well as breaking the generational patterns that have so many of us stuck.


I believe the world desperately needs more healers, truth-tellers, creatives + Earth Angels who are serving from the heart in high integrity. I have been so rewarded and touched by those who I have had the great honour to mentor and look forward to supporting many more souls in this work as guided. 


If this is calling to you, fill out the form below and let's hop on a call and chat about it. 💖