Free Course

A Voice for Love

Speaking the Language of Money Magic

Get ready to transform your relationship to money and learn how to create abundance using the power of your voice with this free training!

During this free training you will learn:

  • HOW TO USE your own hidden super powers to call in more money and abundance in all forms.
  • THE PROPER WAY to do affirmations and why they may not have worked for you in the past.
  • WHY UTILIZING the voice is so powerful and how it can potentially deliver results more quickly than any other method!

About Your Instructor:

Surya is a world music artist and longtime holistic therapist from Vancouver, Canada.

Over the past 2 decades she has worked with over 20,000 people from all walks of life from billionaires to celebrities, gamblers to artists, chronically ill individuals, single mothers, street people and families from around the globe.

This has given Surya a very unique perspective + experience both on life and also MONEY.

You see, after some time the connections between abundance, money, health, happiness and well being become very clear.

Part of the unfortunate design of the systems of this planet have taught so many people to believe in and perpetuate the struggles of lack and scarcity.

Indeed the struggle is real, AND there is also a way out. Actually, there are many ways out. It is a matter of finding the way that works for YOU!

Surya brings her expertise as a singer and vocal coach to this course and teaches how your hidden super power is literally hiding under your nose: YOUR VOICE.

When we work with the mechanics of sound, vibration and right alignment we can call much into being in our life. There’s a science and an art to it and it’s all shared HERE in this FREE MINI COURSE!

What are you waiting for? Join Surya here today to learn how to Speak the Language of Money Magic and change your financial destiny forever!