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The MYTH™ Healing 40 Day Journey

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MYTH stands for Money Trauma Healing. Are you constantly struggling with financial issues or do you experience huge stress around money matters constantly even if you might have all the money you need and more?

Money Trauma is very common and almost all of us have some version of it. Exploring these wounds and patterns can result in huge breakthroughs both on many levels, including your bank account! 

If you've been praying for a breakthrough around your money and finances, this is it! 

This package consists of four 40 minute clearing + healing sessions dedicated to healing and shifting your relationship to money, wealth and abundance as well as access to Surya for the 40 day period to ask questions, receive insight and/or work through anything that comes up during the process. You may be assigned a daily practice that will require a daily commitment of 5-15 minutes.

What is required for best results is total openness and to approach this work with a sense of curiosity. Be open to discovering and making the connections between your beliefs, life events and present situation. We will be working on many levels to clear old programs, create new beliefs and step into a whole new level of abundance that will shift your being on many levels. 

Money healing can be very complicated and multi layered. It has it's roots in both our present life experience, our beliefs, our ability to receive and also the memories and journeys of our ancestors often need to be explored in order to shift the patterns. There is also a looming collective consciousness around money that is predominately negative which we must disconnect from and begin to unwind from a lifetime of unhealthy patterning. 

What I know for certain is that we can absolutely learn to live a balanced, abundant life where we are free from worries about money and have complete trust in our ability to provide for ourselves and the Divine's profound altruistic, giving nature.

This is often one of the best blessings we could ever be gifted - to live a joyful life where we are provided for, have everything we need and live free from the stress, pressure, and emotional roller coaster that many experience day to day in their journey to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

This is profound work and well worth the investment. To have freedom from money worries and to cultivate deep trust around knowing you will always be taken care of is an incredible gift we can all give ourselves with a some guidance, the intention to change and a willingness to look at everything in our lives that may be contributing to us continuing the cycles of poverty, shame, fear and worry that have plagued humanity for many millennia.  

It is my great honour to support others in this sacred work,