"Surya was instrumental in bringing our team together through a spiritually uplifting session involving a number of team-building exercises including a beautiful clearing ceremony. After the energy clearing and guidance session with Surya, our business fast-tracked 6 months immediately. Three deals went through within days. We are very much appreciative of her easy-going style and accurate channeling. She is worth multiples of every investment dollar for your business!" 

Alice Chen

"Surya is super soul power. She is super clear, super honest, super willing, and super compassionate. In my sessions with her I always felt so seen on a soul level in all my radiance, purpose, and potential… and also compassionately held through my challenges. Our time together was always short, sweet, and straight to the point - filled with powerful energetic and spiritual clearing that opened up space in my daily life to live into my dharma with more clarity, confidence and joy.”

Bachan Kaur

"Thank you so much for the gift of your music. It makes me very emotional...  I feel some deep healing going on... It just pulls it from me and it isn't like a sadness but more like the beginning of a beautiful beginning..and a cleansing." 


Thank you again Surya for sharing your light with the world. Your music, meditations and angel reading could not have come at a more perfect moment for me.” 

Crystal C

"The best way to describe Surya's talent is her ability to turn any situation into an upbeat and positive one. She is full of amazing ideas and a very intuitive individual. A great asset especially in the marketing department and a fantastic writer. I gave her the nickname, 'The Oracle' as she is highly intuitive and offers very insightful advice." 

Sara Au Yeong

“Surya has amazing energy and the talent to bring yours to the surface. Her connection to the angels and her higher soul rings out in her voice and resonates in your very spirit.”